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Since I found Everything I Know https://t.co/tR06fpdo6Y, I was fascinated by this concept, about wiki, second brain, lifetime notes, back links, tags. But you know the FE programmer will never satisfied the other's UI, So I also create a theme for my wiki https://t.co/MVzEPpwxFa
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I created this site for my own needs: 1. Get updates of my favorite awesome list in a timely manner. 2. See the star count while I was browsing the awesome repo. I'm glad if this also happens to meet your needs. https://t.co/KiHAFK29eE
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Track Awesome List
Excited to be launching https://t.co/VfCFMKKbaZ on ph, which you can use to keep track of the Github awesome repos instead of just starring them. If you like it, please upvote for me on ph https://t.co/T671B0aoqw
Buzzing新增了两个子站点,热门业余项目讨论 https://t.co/81WsCwFEYF 和 100年前的今天 https://t.co/fWEFxoaHcS 欢迎使用和反馈
The browser Vivaldi https://t.co/W1cVtRwF4V , I think it's the best one for me. I created several workspaces, separated sessions, so I can switch the workspace for different purpose, work, home, anonymous, project. I also like the features like sidebar panels, custom bookmark bar https://t.co/zAQy0bMeTC
我在想 庄家是不是可以用大数据计算出一个股票下跌时韭菜的平均恐慌期,也就是下跌第几天的时候开始坐不住并且亏损出售,这个时候庄可以开始买入 这肯定屡试屡爽啊,反正我就是这种一开始下跌时坐得住,但要是连续跌几天,就有点坐不住,每当我坐不住卖出的时候,就是触底反弹之时