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The browser Vivaldi https://t.co/W1cVtRwF4V , I think it's the best one for me. I created several workspaces, separated sessions, so I can switch the workspace for different purpose, work, home, anonymous, project. I also like the features like sidebar panels, custom bookmark bar https://t.co/zAQy0bMeTC
2021-03-30 19:50·View on Twitter
After trying many self-hosted chat server solutions(e.g. Matrix,Rocket chat, mattermost) and some p2p chat apps,, I choose Mattermost, it's the only solution that worked at a local network, though it's not friendly to encrypted messages, my need is for LAN chat, so it's not bad.

How I Built my Blog?

A long time ago I wanted to show all my works on my homepage, includes posts, tweets, Instagram posts, etc. Today, I did it! By developing a…

Beautiful💕💕 https://t.co/XkN66k7KOq
Nat Geo Travel
Lights from boat traffic in Tokyo create lines like colorful ribbons in this long exposure image taken by #YourShot photographer Junko Torikai. https://t.co/h3qPE0Xey7