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@sofish 我在笔记里整理过一些推荐的书籍列表,每次就从里面找(hacker news大数据,reddit大数据,bbc推荐等等): https://t.co/TYVgbWnJV6
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像中国人在 React Issue 区恶意刷屏这种情况,作为程序员,或者说作为一个人,应该旗帜鲜明的反对 这群人用语恶臭,无视规则,刷起屏来犹如丧尸过境这种生物,真是令世界咋舌 我为这群人感到羞耻 https://t.co/htgAvpzkqk https://t.co/E0SSQ4U4m4
BREAKING: Russia's ruble falls to 117 per US Dollar, a decline of 41%
This is what we have been hearing in the centre of Kyiv this morning - a testing of air raid sirens - as Russia launches what the foreign minister describes as a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Martial law has been imposed. People encouraged to stay home if possible https://t.co/CZTPXA69Ef

记者的对抗性提问 - 翻译一段美联社记者提问美国国务院发言人的片段