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@sjkelleyjr Yes, and specific no-code website generator.
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分享一下目前的追剧工作流,买了一台绿云大阪1T年付$50的VPS当NAS 1. qbittorrent: 种子下载器 2. jackett: 种子聚合搜索 3. sonarr: 电视剧下载神器 4. bazarr: 字幕自动下载 本来想用jellyfin作为影视中心的,但是发现客户端并不是 native 的,暂时还不胜用,所以直接用Caddy当静态服务器,未完待续 https://t.co/9tDdy5udlL
The best places to post your startup. A great way to show your product to the world is by sharing it on platforms like @ProductHunt, @IndieHackers, @reddit, etc. Its also an easy way to get some feedback and backlinks. Here are some great directories to submit your product.👇
I created this site for my own needs: 1. Get updates of my favorite awesome list in a timely manner. 2. See the star count while I was browsing the awesome repo. I'm glad if this also happens to meet your needs. https://t.co/KiHAFK29eE
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Track Awesome List
Excited to be launching https://t.co/VfCFMKKbaZ on ph, which you can use to keep track of the Github awesome repos instead of just starring them. If you like it, please upvote for me on ph https://t.co/T671B0aoqw